Saddam and Al Qaeda- Anything in Common?

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The war on terror, especially the Iraq war has been going on for a long term and there is no sign of stopping, but until now the public and the press is still questioning what is the connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda? The White House should be the right answer.


The White House had just barely moved Al Qaeda and the Taliban to safety in Pakinstan, back in November of 2001 when the decision was made to draw Al Qaeda to Iraq to fight. In order to do that Saddam had to go. He had to go anyway, because he was playing with the global oil supply, making prices yo yo. The plans for regime change had been made well before George Bush took office and they had more than two years to fine tune and polish them.


They decided to move into the Persian Gulf and Kuwait to stage the great invasion of Iraq, five months before the invasion. That allowed Saddam five months to sell his WMD to someone who might make good use of them and move them. I doubt it took him a month to make these arrangements and they had likely been going on during U.N. inspections, before the staging for invasion ever began. Perhaps you have heard the first rule of warfare is to give the enemy at least five months' warning, as in Pearl Harbor and 911. While the U.S. had no post invasion plan of any kind, it is now obvious Saddam did. Syria and Iran likely did also. It's good to know someone plans.


It's anybody's guess how many Al Qaeda have gone to Iraq and it probably doesn't matter. George has publicly admitted Bin Laden is not a concern and the fact he has been assisted by the White House and remains at large the past 5 years, testifies to the truth of the public admission. The White House has the great plan all worked out and it is nobody else's business. Nobody is fighting terrorists. They are taking over the Middle East and the oil reserves. How rich America will be then. Maybe we will pay down the national debt. Set up a round of global prosperity and democracy, we are getting our investment back. With Saddam out of the way, Iran is next in line to be the Middle East kingpin. You may have heard they are a threat no less than Saddam. The Israelis will tell you Iran has always been the greatest threat to Israel, our 51st state. When you are an imperialist bully boy, the threats are endless and good for business.


The other main connection between Saddam and Osama was their common goal to build an Arab empire. I believe Saddam is now out of the running and it is between Iran and Osama. Osama sits with baited breath waiting for the White House to remove the last competitor for leadership of the new Arab Union that will form when the U.S. can no longer afford to prevent it. Since George has more than two years to get Iran out of the way and let Al Qaeda take it over, Osama is losing no sleep. In all liklihood dozens of Osama's cohorts know the plan and can carry on without him, should he retire. And if Osama tells you not to elect a certain person as the next preident, fool him good like we did last time. Vote for that person.


The mess the current U.S. Government has created will not be cleaned up during the next two presidential terms, but it will be fascinating to see which of our ambitious corporate puppets clamor for the job, no? They could not pay me enough to do it, assuming anyone can and I don't believe anyone can or will. What a future lies before us! Ten more years of war, terror, fear and complacency. And what if we don't get the oil? Will hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered for nothing? No, many will continue to collect their share of the loot. Nobody dies for nothing when the cash regiters are ringing.


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Saddam and Al Qaeda- Anything in Common?

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This article was published on 2010/05/27
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