White House Built by Black Slaves - Obama Should Refuse to Live There Or Paint it Black

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Senator Barack Obama is now President-Elect Barack Obama and he has won the presidency thanks to huge support from the African-American community, as those voters voted for him nearly 90% in a good many districts. Now he is going to move into the White House thanks to their help.

There's only one problem, the White House was built by Black slaves, so shouldn't Barack Obama refuse to live there and support the black community that helped get him elected? What is Barack Obama going to do about this dilemma?
Isn't it a slap in the face to African-Americans to move into the White House that was built by Black slaves without commenting on that fact or taking a stand for what he believes in and what he told voters he stood for? What can he do to remedy this situation? Could he paint the White House "Black" to show the black voters that things have really changed?
If he moves into the White House and ditches his roots, will this be seen as a man who is turned his back on the black community, a community that gave him his first start in politics? After all, Barack Obama is an African-American, as he has stated and he sees himself as an African-American as per his writings in his memoirs and books.
So this is a very good test for President-Elect Barack Obama, how will he handle the PR that surrounds such a huge controversy? Perhaps, it is time for him to mend the fence between whites and blacks and comment on this historic occasion and make mention of the fact that the White House was built by Black slaves.
Perhaps we can say that we now share the White House with all citizens and maybe in that regard he can live in the White House without breaking his commitment to the African American community. The question is will Barack Obama make mention of this issue and do the right thing? Please think about this.

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White House Built by Black Slaves - Obama Should Refuse to Live There Or Paint it Black

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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