Would the Real Mr McCain Please Stand Up

in White-house

The election season has been going on since the
dawn of time or at least it feels like that. The
democratic party is still battling out who will
carry the banner but the Republicans have their
man and that is John McCain.

Mr. McCain was a prisoner of war and a brave
soldier. This is to his credit and the accolades he
rightfully deserves. However, let's play a bit of
a game here and I will give you some statements
and see if you can guess who said them and why.
The first one is "The ultimate debate is over who
we are - we will never figure that out until we
stop talking about ticking bombs and stop playing
games with words." If you guessed Mr. McCain you
are right and if you guessed the word he might be
thinking of was flip-flop, you just might be right
twice. You see Mr. McCain was against torture. In
fact his motion to restrict torture earlier in the game
of politics won 308 to 122. Then in stepped Mr. Bush.
He invited Mr. McCain to the White House for a photo op
in the Oval Office when he signed in the new mandate
against torture. Bush signed it and showed the world
that he was abiding by what Congress and the people
wanted - but now comes the signing statement composed
by Mr. Cheney which made sure that Congress knew
that the White House did not believe Congress would
or could tell the President whether he could or would not
use torture "...of protecting the American people from
further attacks." There goes the fear factor that is a
part and parcel of the Bush administration.

Now on with our game. Mr. John McCain in 2004 expressed
a very deep concern that we had "energized the extremists
and created a breeding ground for terrorists." If you guessed
he was talking about Iraq, you are so correct. Last photo op
just a few days ago found him not only embracing Mr. Bush
but agreeing that he did the right thing with the war agenda.
Are you confused yet as to whether or not there are two Mr.
McCain's - twins possibly?

Mr. McCain was a man of the people in a prior election and I
do believe that he had the nation's best interests at heart - but
if you listened to the speeches made by Mr. Bush then, running
against Mr. McCain, then you
would think that Mr. McCain duped everyone into thinking that
he had the answers to peace. When Mr. McCain met with Mr.
Bush again after securing the nomination this time it was just another
photo op but with a strange twist. There was no signature
"kiss" or arms hugging, there was a hand shake. If Mr. McCain
is truly a man of the people, then he must be getting pretty
tired of the arm twisting, fear mongering, and power grabbing
style of the White House. Yet, in public he embraces it and
states that he will carry it forward. Right there - poor Mr. McCain
lost my vote and the votes of many others. A group hug is probably
what Mr. McCain needs at this point in time because there must
be moments that he wonders why he cannot just be himself and
voice his concerns and worries, instead of being a pawn of the
Bush/Cheney regime. Mr. McCain had some very good ideas,
and was working toward implementing an America that stood up
to its ideals and honored Congress, the Senate, and the wish of
the people. It must be truly depressing to realize that because of
political ambitions and the desire to be top dog that you gave it
all away - and possibly that is true. If voters realize that more of the
same is a sign of an authoritarian White House, then Mr. McCain
doesn't stand a chance - and I do believe he deserves better. He
deserves to express himself no matter what the threats and fears were
that made him change into someone else.

Something to think about,

©Arleen M. Kaptur

March, 2008

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Would the Real Mr McCain Please Stand Up

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